1. Bear

  2. Horse

  3. Pendulum Swing

  4. Dialogues

  5. They Moved in Shadow All Together
    Emily Jane White

  6. Holy Day / Mirror

  7. Luxe
    Stranded Horse

  8. Razvaliny

  9. Solnze

  10. Ground Luminosity

  11. s/t

  12. Poverty

  13. Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress
    Micah P. Hinson

  14. Save No One
    The Callstore

  15. We Resonate
    Rachael Dadd

  16. Gray Lodge Wisdom
    Will Stratton

  17. She is There

  18. Micah P Hinson And The Nothing
    Micah P. Hinson

  19. "Blood / Lines"
    Emily Jane White

  20. Eyes

  21. "Alps"

  22. "Seven Songs"
    The Apartments

  23. Constancia

  24. "Dawn Of Delight"
    Tropical Popsicle

  25. "Transmission // A Faint Light"
    Stranded Horse

  26. "Calendar"

  27. "Good Man Down"
    Ewert And The Two Dragons

  28. "Joined Sometimes Unjoined"
    Rozi Plain

  29. "Post Empire"
    Will Stratton

  30. "Humbling Tides"
    Stranded Horse

  31. He Who Saw The Deep
    I Like Trains

  32. "La Fiancée Du Crocodile"

  33. "Ode To Sentience"
    Emily Jane White

  34. "Victorian America"
    Emily Jane White

  35. "Dark Undercoat"
    Emily Jane White

  36. "drift"
    The Apartments

  37. "Plaine Inondable"
    François & The Atlas Mountains

  38. "When The Boat Comes Inside Your House // A Season Underground"
    Flotation Toy Warning

  39. "Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck"
    Flotation Toy Warning

  40. "Family"
    Le Loup

  41. The Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nation's Millennium General Assembly
    Le Loup

  42. "Joan"
    Maison Neuve

  43. "Thee, Stranded Horse & Ballaké Sissoko"
    Stranded Horse

  44. "Make Me Cry"
    Scary Mansion

  45. "Survival"
    Forest Fire

  46. "Near Miss"
    That Summer

  47. "The Ken Burns Effect"
    Stars Like Fleas

  48. "Churning Strides"
    Thee & Stranded Horse

  49. Talitres Is 5
    Talitres compilation

  50. "Progress Reform"
    I Like Trains

  51. "Luck & Accident"
    Kim Novak

  52. "Every Joke Is Half The Truth"
    Scary Mansion

  53. "Swords"
    Ralfe Band

  54. "Attic Thieves"
    Ralfe Band

  55. Clear

  56. Televise

  57. Hold Tight The Ropes
    Elk City

  58. "The Headless Horseman Is A Preacher"

  59. Status
    Elk City


Talitres France

Created in 2001 and found in the wine country of Bordeaux, France, Talitres houses an eccentric roster of wordly indie musicians from Britain, France, Scandinavia, Australia, Canada, and the US.

The label has been known for releasing the music of bands like The Walkmen, The National or The Organ and more recently for the acclaimed debut albums of Ewert & The Two Dragons & Motorama.
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